Ian Schlakman Declares Victory in First District 12 Forum

Ian Schlakman Declares Victory in First District 12 Forum


For Immediate Release
February 8, 2016

Ian Schlakman declares a victory for his campaign and the people of Baltimore following last Monday's Harwood Association forum that took place one week ago.

Schlakman is a Socialist seeking the Green Party's nomination for the 12th District City Council seat. 

"It is victory for the people of Baltimore that a strong people's advocate was able to present such a vision for Baltimore," said Schlakman. "Not only did I present the most inspirational vision for a Baltimore designed to meet the needs of the people, but I presented the most specific policy proposals of any candidate."

"I represent the ideological campaign Baltimore wants and the proven policy proposals that Baltimore needs." 

Schlakman calls for an immediate $15/hour minimum wage for all Baltimore workers. He also calls for a Civilian Review Board with full powers over police, a reassessment of property tax to give relief to working class families and an end to multinational corporation tax give aways.   

"For establishment candidates - some of who joined me on stage at the Harwood Association forum - the Socialist idea of fair wages, housing, and public safety as a human right is an unknown concept. For me, this is how the City Council needs to treat residents of Baltimore - like people trying to find the best way to fulfill their human rights, not as customers who might get city services if they complain loud enough."  

"They rely on market-based solutions to fund Baltimore's needs," said Schlakman. "Their theory is that if we give enough of the city away to corporations we will eventually see dividends once millionaire developers decide they've made enough. But it's never enough. The market will not provide what we can get by treating housing, food, utilities, and a basic income as a human right that we can work together to fulfill." 

"Stepping onto the stage at the Harwood Association forum and simply declaring the alternative to the market-driven model was a victory in itself," said Schlakman. "But I am not not satisfied with that. My supporters and I are going to build this campaign until Election Day and bring strong Socialist leadership to the Baltimore City Council."