Transit and Infrastructure:

District 12 has Amtrak, bus, light rail and the Jone’s Falls Expressway all running through it. Yet our politicians downtown ignore us when we tell them our infrastructure is collapsing here in the heart of the city.

We had a whole city block collapse onto the train tracks just last year. We can’t afford to let our city decay any longer.

When elected Ian will:

  • Commission a local company to inspect our transit and pinpoint trouble areas before catastrophe strikes.
  • All reporting regarding every kind of issue with our transit will be followed up with and taken very seriously.
  • Propose cutting edge investment tools that allow our city businesses to lead the way in repairing our rail, roads and other infrastructure.
  • Convene open forums and town halls where neighbors get to discuss and decide what to do about controversial programs like the light rail.
  • Use his technical expertise to lead neighborhoods to create their own local highspeed Internet using cutting edge wireless and fiber options that monopolies like Comcast and Verizon refuse to invest in.

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