Ian Schlakman Seeks 12th District City Council Nomination

Ian Schlakman Seeks 12th District City Council Nomination

For Immediate Release:
November 30, 2015

Ian Schlakman - a community activist, entrepreneur and technology professional - is seeking the Green Party's nomination for the 12th District Baltimore City Council seat being vacated by Carl Stokes. 
Schlakman was the Green Party nominee for U.S. House of Representatives in Maryland's 2nd District in 2014. His 2014 campaign was targeted to expose Rep. Dutch Rupperberger's support of CISPA, PIPA, and other anti-privacy legislation.  

Schlakman currently serves as an New Economy Maryland Fellow with the Institute for Policy Studies, a DC-based progressive think tank. 

Schlakman's platform builds on his experience as a technology entrepreneur to cultivate District 12 as a hub for tech start-ups, high-speed transit solutions and modern communication tools. 
"We need to develop new platforms for holding elected officials accountable," said Schlakman. "District 12 should be the incubator for these new technologies and the testing ground for getting accountability from Baltimore leadership. Let's grow our own tech infrastructure before we look for outside contracts. We need to keep our money in Baltimore."  .   

"I am running for City Council because I have a unique background in guiding people and organizations on technology, and a passion for innovating and reinventing our economy," said Schlakman.
"I am an entrepreneur and I want to help entrepreneurs grow their businesses in District 12, but I'm not just interested in the bottom line for local business. I know we can use tech expertise to fundamentally change social structures in Baltimore. We can use developing technology to decrease violence in police encounters, to increase transparency in all our city services, and to restructure our local economy. I understand how local economies can work to keep resources in a city like Baltimore."
Ian Schlakman will be publicly launching his campaign at an event in District 12 on December 15th. 
Schlakman is available for individual interviews.