Ian Stands in Solidarity with Ocean Defense Actions

Ian Schlakman - Green Party candidate for U.S. House of Representatives for Maryland's 2nd District - stands in solidarity with actions taken this past weekend by local activists with Ocean Defense. The group used giant puppets on the beach at Ocean City to protest seismic testing recently approved by the Department of the Interior. 

"Seismic testing is intended to search for deposits of offshore gas and oil," said Schlakman. "The search for more drilling opportunities is killing hundreds of thousands of whales and dolphins, many off the Maryland shore. I support a shift to 100% renewable energy sources like wind and solar. We can make this shift if we prioritize a massive investment in new green technologies. Abandoning further oil and gas drilling will also save the diversity and health of marine life and our oceans."

Local activists from Ocean Defense have sculpted dead whale and dolphin puppets to illustrate the destructive results of seismic testing. After recent displays in Wilmington, Delaware, the group brought this protest to Ocean City last weekend. 

"In Congress, I will use legislation to end seismic testing and other destructive energy technologies. While legislation is a powerful solution, it can be a slow process. This is why I support direct action such as Ocean Defense's in partnership with legislative actions. I am proud to stand in solidarity with this group and their efforts to build public support to stop seismic testing."