Judge Orders Removal of District 12 Council Candidate from Ballot

Judge Orders Removal of District 12 Councilmanic Candidate from Ballot

Ian Schlakman (Green - District 12) and Frank Richardson (Unaffiliated - District 12) obtained a court order forcing the Maryland Board of Elections to follow the election law deadlines. Intentionally late filing by Dan Sparaco ordered removed from the November ballot by judge.

 BALTIMORE, Sept. 22, 2016 – Anne Arundel County Circuit Judge Paul F. Harris Jr. has entered a Temporary Restraining Order directing Linda H. Lamone, in her official capacity as State Administrator, Maryland State Board of Elections, and Armstead B.C. Jones Sr., in his official capacity as Election Director, Baltimore City Board of Elections to remove the name of Dan Sparaco from any and all ballots to be distributed to voters in Baltimore City Councilmanic District No. 12 for the 2016 General Election.

Dan Sparaco is a former city lawyer who knowingly and intentionally missed the state’s deadline to file for candidacy because “he feared he might have to run against the incumbent Councilman from District 12.” After learning that the incumbent was not re-running for office, Mr. Sparaco sought to avoid the consequences of his intentional failure to file by the Februrary 2016 deadline by filing a Federal lawsuit.

After the Maryland Board of Elections placed him on the ballot, he voluntarily dismissed his pending Federal lawsuit.

Ian Schlakman and Frank Richardson believe that the State Board of Elections entered into a non-public and legally impermissible agreement in which Mr. Sparaco’s failure to meet the deadline was overlooked by the State Board in exchange for Mr. Sparaco voluntarily dismissing his federal lawsuit that he had filed over the constitutionality of Maryland Election Law Title 5.

According to the Board of Elections, the overseas ballots which are sent to our military abroad are due to be mailed tomorrow September 24th.

Click here to see our complaint to the MD court.

Click here to see the signed order from the MD Judge Paul F. Harris.

CONTACT: Eric Tien, Director of Communications, 410.802.8863, ericttien@gmail.com


Update: Friday morning we were excited to announce that we had received a Temporary Restraining Order (TRO) preventing Dan Sparaco from being on the Ballot in the 12th District City Council Race. Friday afternoon the appellate court notified us that they had issued a legal stay (a temporary halt of a judicial proceeding) on that TRO and all further proceedings in the case. The stay was one among many of the legal documents that we received on Friday afternoon from the appellate court and from Attorney General Brian Frosh. We will be consulting with council over the weekend and plan on proceeding with further litigation. Our campaign will make further statements in the coming days.


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