Schlakman calls for Emergency Support for City Residents during Winter Storm Jonas

Ian Schlakman calls for emergency support for city residents during Winter Storm Jonas

For Immediate Release: 
January 21, 2016

As the city prepares for Winter Storm Jonas, City Council candidate Ian Schlakman calls on city leaders to take immediate emergency action to provide support for thousands of individuals experiencing homeless in Baltimore City. 

"We are expecting significant snowfall this weekend, but low winter temperatures are deadly for people experiencing homeless regardless of accumulation," said Schlakman. "The city needs to prioritize the lives of ALL city residents immediately. That includes our low income and homeless populations." 
Schlakman calls for immediately opening a municipal facility capable of housing up to the 3,000 estimated homeless individuals in Baltimore.

"If a tornado or tsunami were to hit Baltimore this weekend, the city would have no problem finding enough unused city-owned property to shelter 3,000 individuals," says Schlakman. "There's no reason why the city can't respond to winter weather the same way it would any natural disaster."
The Weinberg Housing and Resource Center provides daily shelter for up to 275 individuals. Schlakman urges city officials to immediately expand this capacity tenfold. 
"We need to make safe temporary shelter available for every Baltimore resident experiencing homeless tomorrow," Schlakman says, "and begin planning next week to make permanent housing available for every homeless person before we cut one more deal for a luxury high-rise."
Schlakman is seeking the Green Party's nomination for Baltimore City Council's 12th District.