Jill Stein's Endorsement

From the Desk of Dr. Jill Stein

Green Party Presidential Nominee 2012

To the Ian Schlakman for Congress Team, Supporters and Voters:

   A movement for democracy and justice is sweeping the planet, rising up to halt the neoliberal assault on our economy, ecology, peace and democracy. Green Party candidates like Ian Schlakman are the political voice of these growing social movements. Ian brings the energy and vision of the next generation back into the political process to make it truly "of the people". I hope you will join me in supporting his promising campaign.

   When I ran for President in 2012, I promoted a comprehensive set of reforms designed to end predatory politics as usual and create a world that works for all of us. Since then the need for deep change has grown to historic proportions, as plutocracy pushes us ever deeper into economic disparity and decline, climate melt down, war profiteering, corporate trade, land grabs, and privatization of food, water, health care and education. 

   Knowing that one elected official alone - not even the President - can single-handedly change policy,  the highest priority of my Presidential race was to help empower the next generation of political activists of, by, and for the people. I am very excited that Ian Schlakman has stepped up and joined the struggle to democratize Congress for the 99%.

   There has never been a better time to transform the status quo. Our future depends on building strong campaigns to get true public servants like Ian into elected office to rescue democracy, our economy, our lives and planet that are all hanging in the balance. Please join me in supporting Ian by volunteering (ian42.com/volunteer) your time and by contributing (ian42.com/donate) as much as you're able.
Yours truly,
Jill Stein

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