Key Issues for District 12 Videos

Our Stance on Immigration

Earlier this month the Ian Schlakman campaign solicited input from advocacy groups, activists and local constituents from our immigrant community right here in Baltimore. From that we came up with a framework of key issues that would make our city more equitable all communities.

These key issues are:

1) Housing: Institute bilingual first-time homebuyer workshops. Standardize leases and have translated versions available online. Work with the State to facilitate easier MHIC credentialing process for rehabbing homes. Ensure fair housing tax assessments. Establish controls on rent increases. Use eminent domain to allow homeless and low-income families to rehab abandoned housing. Create a pick-up, drop-off location for charitable donations of furniture and other bulk items.

Vivienda: instituir talleres para aquellos que están comprando casa por primera vez. Tener arrendamientos estandarizados y sus versiones traducidas online. Trabajar con el estado para ayudar con facilitar el proceso de credencialización para viviendas rehabilitadas. Asegurar que las evaluaciones de impuestos sean justos. Usar poder de dominio eminente para permitir aquellos sin hogar o de bajos recursos poder rehabilitar casas abandonadas. Crear una localidad donde se pueda dejar y recoger donaciones como muebles y otras donaciones grandes.

주거: 이중 언어 최초 주택 구입자 워크샵을 제기. 임대를 표준화하고 온라인으로 번역버전을 제공. 재건된 집의 MHIC자격심사 과정을 쉽게 촉진하기 위해 주정부와 함께 일함. 공정 주거 세금 평가를 확인. 임대료 인상에 대한 컨트롤 설정. 노숙자와 저소득층이 버려진 주택을 재건할 수 있도록 토지 수용권 사용. 가구와 기타 대량 용품의 자선단체 기부를 위해 픽업, 드랍오프 장소를 만듬.

2) Education: Increase access and quality of adult education programs. Open an International Elementary/Middle and an International High School to address unique needs of recently arrived students. In-, after-, and summer school programming to increase immigrant students’ graduation rates, English fluency, and higher ed and work opportunities. Hire additional translators and multilingual staff at City Schools.

Educación: incrementar el acceso y calidad de programas de educación para adultos. Abrir una escuela internacional de niveles elementary/middle hasta high school para tratar con las necesidades de estudiantes recién llegados. Programas dentro y después de la escuela, y programas de verano que ayuden a los estudiantes inmigrantes con el inglés, con graduarse, y con tener acceso a mejores oportunidades de educación y trabajo. Contratar más traductores y empleados multilingües en las escuelas de la ciudad.

교육: 성인교육 프로그램의 질과 기회 증대. 최근 도착한 학생들의 독특한 필요 사항 해결을 위해 국제 초등학교/중학교 그리고 고등학교 개설. 방과 전, 후 그리고 여름 학교 프로그램을 통해 이민 자녀의 졸업율, 영어 실력, 더 높은 교육과 취업 기회 증대. 시티 학교에 추가 통역과 다국어를 구사하는 직원 고용.

3) Safety: Continue and expand sanctuary city policy. Guarantee non-compliance between BPD and ICE. Require civilians on police trial boards to ensure accountability. Deprioritize enforcement of drug use laws. Re-envision role of police (first responders, not patrollers) and eliminate the use of deadly force. Fund and encourage community-led public safety efforts.

Seguridad: continuar a expandir política de ciudades suntuarias. Garantizar política de no-conformidad entre policía de la ciudad y ICE. Requerir que hayan civiles en las juntas de juicio de policías para asegurar contabilidad hacia la comunidad. Disminuir el enfoque de aplicar leyes sobre el uso de drogas. Crear una nueva visión sobre la responsabilidad de la fuerza policial (como respondedores capacitados, no como patrulleros) y eliminar el uso de fuerza mortal. Aplicar fondos y motivar esfuerzos de seguridad pública liderados por la comunidad.

안전: 계속적으로 성소 도시 정책 확장. BPT와 ICE의 부동의 보장. 책임을 보장하기 위해 경찰 시험 보드에 민간인 요청. 마약 사용법 진행을 최우선하지 않음. 경찰 역할의 재구상 (최초 대응자, 순찰이 아님) 치명적인 힘 사용 제거. 기금 및 지역사회가 공공 안전 노력을 주도.

4) Workforce Development: Pass a living wage law tied to the cost of living increases. Make it easier to start a business or co-op. Clarify, interpret, and translate business codes and permits.

Desarrollo de empleos: aprobar un salario de vivir que sea atado al costo de vida que va incrementando. Facilitar el proceso de comenzar un negocio o cooperativa. Clarificar, interpretar, y traducir códigos de negocios y permisos requeridos.

인력 개발: 생활비 증가에 연계된 생활 임금법 통과. 비지니스나 협동조합 시작을 용이하게 함. 비지니스 코드와 허가를 번역, 통역하며 명백히 함. 

Expand Social Services and Improve Public Safety

We face increasingly unsafe streets as we see a spike in crimes and murders. This cannot be solved by simply adding more police and locking up more people. The underfunding of social services and the extent of inequality in such a wealthy city is unacceptable and is a contributor to the growth in anti-social behavior.
We need to fully fund essential human services - including full access to mental health services - and end homelessness. 
● We must implement an emergency plan to immediately offer decent shelter for the more than 3,000 homeless people on Baltimore’s streets.
● Fully fund social services, including full access to mental health services and services for the disabled, veterans, seniors, and families in crisis.
● Expand and lengthen light rail and bus service. The lack of late-night service is a public safety issue. People need safe and reliable transit after a night out or after working the night shift.
● Protect against hate crimes. Fund anti-hate crime community groups to organize night watches and empower our communities.
● Stop the gentrification and the destruction of our communities by for-profit developers. Fund social workers, youth, and community centers to strengthen the solidarity and social bonds in our neighborhoods.

Environmental Leadership

Baltimore should be a leader in addressing the climate crisis. Oil and coal trains passing through downtown every day are fueling global warming while creating a serious public safety risk from of oil train derailment and explosion and health hazards from coal dust. We must reject the false dichotomy of “jobs vs. the environment.” We need a major green jobs program and new living-wage union jobs for workers who face job losses from fossil-fuel-based industries.
● Slash CO2 emissions and create green jobs by massively expanding public transit.
● Oppose the passage of oil and coal trains through Baltimore! As an immediate measure, the City Council should enact regulatory fees on oil trains going through Baltimore to fund emergency preparation for oil train disasters.

Worker's Rights

● Pass a city-wide $15 minimum wage immediately. 
● Support workers and the labor movement in bringing $15 to other cities and counties throughout Maryland.
● Service-sector workers are increasingly facing back-to-back shifts, on-call schedules, and irregular work hours. We need “fair scheduling” legislation to end abusive practices that exploit workers.
● Support the efforts of all workers to unionize, including the low-paid service sector.

Women's Rights

Despite Baltimore being ranked near the top for pay equality in the United States, women still earn less than men, based on analyses controlled for workers with the same jobs, skills, and education. Working mothers struggle with lack of access to affordable childcare and paid maternity leave. At the same time, women face daily sexism and harassment. Baltimore should lead the way on gender equality!
● We need twelve weeks of paid maternity and paternity leave for all workers.
● Build a movement to fight sexual harassment, violence against women, and all forms of sexism.
● Expand the city’s programs against domestic violence to prevent violence and help survivors.
● Expand housing alternatives and temporary shelters for women leaving abusive relationships.
● Work for affordable, high-quality childcare.

LGBTQ Rights

● The Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgender Community Center of Baltimore and Central Maryland and other centers should receive more public support for their mission to provide services for LGBTQ Baltimoreans. 
● Protect against anti-LGBTQ violence and intimidation!
● Fund community anti-hate crime groups to organize night watches and raise awareness through anti-bullying and public education efforts.
● Fund a community-based hate violence information-gathering hotline.
● End the LGBTQ youth homelessness crisis by fully funding a plan for youth and young adult homelessness – specifically young people affected by racial and LGBTQ disparities.
● Full equality and workplace rights for LGBTQ people. End the discrimination LGBTQ people face in the private housing market. Unite against transphobia!

Black Lives Matter

The Black Lives Matter movement has reawakened the struggle against racism. After the death of Freddie Gray Baltimore has become a national symbol of police abuse. The city has lost millions in settlements over the injuries and deaths of citizens by police.
● Reform our civilian review board so it has full powers over the police, including department policies and procedures.
● Invest in rehabilitation, education, and living-wage jobs, not the new youth jail.
● Open the books for a full audit of the $400 million/year Baltimore Police Department budget. We need real oversight and transparency over the largest portion of the city budget.

Tax the Rich

Baltimore faces widening income inequality. While Baltimore is home to multi-billion dollar medical, educational and commercial institutions, we have a regressive tax system and severely underfunded public services.

● We need a Millionaires’ Tax to fund mass transit, education, and social services!

● Tax large corporations to fund public services. Under existing law, this can be done with a major increase in developer impact fees, an employer “head tax,” an increased tax on commercial parking lot owners, and “excise taxes” on banks, big box retailers, and franchise businesses.

● No corporate welfare and developer handouts! Reduce the unfair tax burden on working people, homeowners, and small businesses.

Quality Public Schools

In the richest country in the history of the world, there is no reason we should not have high-quality, free public education for all. Unfortunately, the federal and state governments are failing our children. I will continue to speak out in favor of fully funding our schools and against the “corporate reform” agenda.

● Reject Mayoral and Gubernatorial control over the school board - we need democratic elections of our school board!
● Support teachers and students campaigning against high-stakes testing.
● Expand anti-bullying efforts and culturally relevant curriculum promoting LGBTQ equality, anti-racism, and anti-sexism.