Schlakman Calls For 'Internet Freedom For All'

Ian Schlakman - Green Party candidate for U.S. House in Maryland's 2nd District - calls for 'Internet Freedom for All'.

Schlakman is challenging incumbent Rep. "Dutch" Ruppersberger with a platform of 'Social Security for All', 'Medicare for All', and 'Internet Freedom for All'. Schlakman places blame on Ruppersberger for spying and surveillance done by the National Security Agency while Ruppersberger was the ranking member of the House Intelligence Committee.

"For years, the NSA's behavior has been unconstitutional. I will work to establish a commission of intelligence experts, transparency activists, and NSA employees to expose and eliminate these violations through appropriate reforms. Intelligence directors who have lied to Congress - including Director of National Intelligence James Clapper - must be immediately removed."

"Many talented individuals work at the NSA headquarters, which is in District 2. I am not out to punish them for the policy abuses committed by their bosses. We need these employees hard at work hardening and securing our internet infrastructure - not spying on Americans."

Schlakman calls for additional Congressional action to ensure 'Internet Freedom for All'.

"I strongly support net neutrality," said Schlakman. "Congress should pass laws to declare the internet a common carrier. The web is our new town square, our new meeting house, our new commons. We need to make sure that all Americans can equally access the power of the internet."

Schlakman will also work to bridge the digital divide by reforming the FCC's E-Rate Program, designed to assist schools with broadband, internet and phone services.

"As a professional Internet technician with experience maintaining networks in Baltimore schools, I know how difficult it can be to provide every child with access to all the internet has to offer. In Congress, I will sponsor legislation to let students bring access through the federal E-Rate Program home with them. This will allow students to take internet-connected devices home with then to open the potential of the Internet to communities where it isn't available today."

Ian Schlakman advocates a comprehensive program of entitlements including 'Social Security for All' - also known as a basic income guarantee - and 'Medicare for All', a universal, single-payer health care system intended to extend coverage to those unable to purchase private insurance under the mandates of the Affordable Care Act.  


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