President Obama, Bring All American Soldiers Home From Afghanistan Now

Ian Schlakman, who is seeking the Green Party's nomination for Maryland's 2nd House District, is calling on President Obama to fulfill the American people's demands and end the continuing occupation of Afghanistan. 

"These soldiers should be at home fighting a war against inequality and climate change," Schlakman says. "They should be using the high-tech expertise taught to them by the United States military to help innovate local energy solutions, build a new energy grid compatible with top-of-the-line renewable energy technology, and repair our crumbling bridges, roads, schools, and infrastructure."

This afternoon President Obama announced his intention to keep approximately 10,000 American personnel in Afghanistan until 2015, withdrawing them further at that time if a security agreement is signed with the Afghan government. Current attempts to reach an agreement with Afghan leadership have failed.

"President Obama is playing sleight-of-hand with the American people on the war in Afghanistan," Schlakman said. "If today he had announced the deployment of 10,000 American soldiers in Mexico, there would be no other way to define that action except as an invasion and occupation. Today's announcement in regards to Afghanistan is no different just because the troop level is going down instead of up. President Obama just announced the continuation of the invasion and occupation of Afghanistan."

If elected to Congress, Schlakman would sponsor the funding of an immediate withdraw of all American personnel from Afghanistan.

Schlakman supports resolving continuing unrest in Afghanistan through American investment in international peace-keeping organizations in which the United States serves as an equal partner.

Schlakman also calls for President Obama and Democrats in the U.S. House of Representatives to end the remaining legacy of the Bush administration's post-9/11 assault on human rights by repealing the PATRIOT Act and closing the American military prison at Guantanamo Bay, which currently houses over one hundred detainees.