Green Party Candidate Ian Schlakman: Top Fundraiser in District 12

Green Party Candidate Ian Schlakman: Top Fundraiser in the District

The Pre-General Campaign Finance Reports are out and Ian Schlakman received more donations and raised more money than all his opponents combined, with an average donation of $35.29.

BALTIMORE, Sept. 1, 2016 – With the release of the first Pre-General Campaign Finance Reports, Ian Schlakman pulls ahead as the clear winner. His enormous success serves as proof to the power of grassroots movements and provides strong evidence to his electability and to the challenges Robert Stokes will face.

A review of Schd 1, Col A contributions is as follows:

  1. Schlakman:     358 Donations;            $12, 634.20 raised;      $35.29 Average Donation
  2. Stokes:            8 Donations;                $3,100.00 Raised;        $387.50 Average Donation
  3. Sparaco:          12 Donations;              $3,205 Raised;             $267.08 Average Donation
  4. Richardson:      5 Donations;                $1,190.00 Raised;        $238.00 Average Donation

More details Ian Schlakman's campaign:

  • 91 donations under $10
  • 41 donations of $20.16
  • $8342.49 raised in the last eight days
  • Just under $27,000 raised to date

Ian Schlakman's campaign is quickly growing and he is endorsed by Jill Stein, Margaret Flowers, and just recently, the Sierra Club. His report also clearly shows that he has a full professional campaign team working in the district every day.

You decide, who's winning?

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