Expand Social Services and Improve Public Safety

We face increasingly unsafe streets as we see a spike in crimes and murders. This cannot be solved by simply adding more police and locking up more people. The underfunding of social services and the extent of inequality in such a wealthy city is unacceptable and is a contributor to the growth in anti-social behavior.
We need to fully fund essential human services - including full access to mental health services - and end homelessness. 
● We must implement an emergency plan to immediately offer decent shelter for the more than 3,000 homeless people on Baltimore’s streets.
● Fully fund social services, including full access to mental health services and services for the disabled, veterans, seniors, and families in crisis.
● Expand and lengthen light rail and bus service. The lack of late-night service is a public safety issue. People need safe and reliable transit after a night out or after working the night shift.
● Protect against hate crimes. Fund anti-hate crime community groups to organize night watches and empower our communities.
● Stop the gentrification and the destruction of our communities by for-profit developers. Fund social workers, youth, and community centers to strengthen the solidarity and social bonds in our neighborhoods.

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