Every Vote Must be Counted - Our Support of the Recount


Our campaign supports the Stein's campaign efforts to enact a recount. This action has nothing to do with party politics. It's about a principled position that every vote should count. Elections need to be transparent and audit-able.

Back in October I actually gave an interview to a Swedish national radio station about our election system. The interviewer was surprised to learn that we don't have a mechanism in our legislative branch to make a vote of no confidence and vote in a new government at any time. This means we don't have a way in the middle of a term to declare that our government isn't working, out of line, or just generally needs to be dissolved and revoted in.

You'd think in a system like ours the right to vote would have quite a few safety measures built in to make sure that our votes are tabulated properly. In reality this isn't the case. (see the links below for more information)

I echo the call to have a recount done in as many battleground states as possible. I'm disgusted that an automatic recount isn't called for in WI, MI and PA and I applaud Dr. Jill Stein and her team in their effort to pay for one. I've let Jill know that as long as she has support from state chapters and election law experts then she has my support in taking this action.

Furthermore, I think it's shameful that the other political parties haven't taken this action. In particular the Republican party is known for protracted legal battles after a Presidential Election. Yet becuase their party won they're completely silent about this. The Democratic party once again repeats history in not calling for a recount or audit, even though they clearly have the most to lose. I urge all other candidates and parties to join us in making sure every ballot is counted and this election audited.

My party, the Green Party, has stood by the amazing work of Greg Palast over the years. Palast has repeatedly shown us that election purges of voter rolls were happening and they were only growing over years. Yet Greg Palast stood with Jill Stein outside of this years DNC while the Democrats and the other parties paid no attention to him. Shame on the other political parties for ignoring the years of voter purges and lack of accountability, transparency, and audit-ability of elections.

For more information on what an audit / recount looks like click here. https://www.eff.org/deeplinks/2016/11/e-voting-machines-need-paper-audits-be-trustworthy

For more information on Greg Palast's amazing work and his take on the recount click here. http://www.gregpalast.com/

To contribute to the recount that the Stein / Baraka campaign are initiating click here. http://www.jill2016.com/


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