We need a comprehensive new energy policy that can both put Americans to work and significantly decrease our national carbon footprint. Ian will work to:

Create a clean energy economy by building a national power grid based on 100% clean renewable energy.

Fund massive public investment in new energy technologies, conservation techniques, retrofitting of existing infrastructure, and expanding public transportation to decrease demand for oil and gas. 

Support government incentives for private investment in the next generation of clean energy technology. 

Create millions of new "green collar" jobs through massive public and private investment in the clean energy economy.

Ban destructive techniques such as hydraulic fracturing (fracking), tar sands oil extraction, offshore drilling, and mountaintop removal.  

Close Maryland's remaining coal-fired and waste incinerator plants. 

Enact a direct tax on the consumption of carbon, with a corresponding tax cuts to businesses and individuals who convert fossil fuel energy use to renewable energy use.