Ian Schlakman Endorsed by Pro-Bernie & Pro-Sawant Organizations


The Ian Schlakman campaign is incredibly proud to announce two crucial endorsements.

Ian Schlakman, Green Party candidate for Baltimore City Council in the 12th District, has received the endorsement of two key local organizations. 

One is the Democratic Socialists of America (DSA). The newly formed Baltimore branch of DSA was very excited to support Ian at its recent membership meeting. In attendance were national leaders from DSA who were there to help the fledgling chapter. They made it clear at the meeting that helping independent socialist candidates like Ian is a strong priority for DSA. 

The DSA's support was critical for the national spread of the Sanders for President Campaign. DSA seeks to take their members enthusiasm for Bernie and funnel it into local campaigns across the country. Ian Schlakman’s campaign is one of the first for the Baltimore DSA to champion.

The second endorsement comes from Socialist Alternative. Socialist Alternative's regional chapter in DC endorsed Schlakman earlier this month.

Socialist Alternative's (SA) local is a key endorsement for Schlakman as SA is the driving force behind city council member Kshama Sawant in Seattle. Sawant became the first socialist elected to a major city council in decades. She broke through the Democratic Party’s iron grip on the Seattle Council. That’s something Ian Schlakman hopes to emulate this Nov 8th when voters head back to the polls in the Baltimore General Election.

Now, with the support of DSA and SA Schlakman will be working to build national support for his locally-focused campaign. Similarly to how Kshama Sawant was able to capture the national consciousness in 2013, Schlakman looks to draw national attention to his agenda for Baltimore in 2016.