Don't Use the Maryland Model for Emissions Rules

Ian Schlakman - Green Party candidate for U.S. House of Representatives, District 2 - urges President Obama to not use Governor Martin O'Malley's so-called 'renewable' energy plan as a model for new federal regulations on fossil fuel emissions. 

"When there are more wind farms in Maryland than there are waste incinerators in Baltimore, we can talk about Maryland's credentials on renewable energy," Schlakman said. 

The Baltimore Sun reported on Monday that federal officials will be "taking a cue from Maryland" in crafting their new regulations on coal-powered plants. "The O'Malley model is a shell game," Schlakman says. "Governor O'Malley's plan to meet targets for reducing emissions is declaring the burning of residential garbage and medical waste as 'renewable' energy. I urge President Obama to reject this energy 'strategy' in the strongest terms possible."

"There is something very sick," Schlakman continued, "about a policy that calls burning medical waste in poor neighborhoods like Hawkins Point, Brooklyn and Westport a green alternative."

In 2011, Governor O'Mally released a statement defending his classification of solid waste incineration as renewable energy, partially by pointing out the practice of incineration in European nations.

"It is true that solid waste is used for fuel in Europe," Schlakman noted, "but Europe prioritizes investment in real renewable energy, like wind, solar and hydroelectric power. Europe is building an infrastructure to replace fossil fuels with these technologies. We are not."

"To his small credit, Governor O'Malley vetoed a bill last month that would have delayed the construction of a wind farm in southern Maryland. It is refreshing that now, in the final year of his administration, we finally see some progress. But not nearly enough to suggest that President Obama adopt the dirty Maryland model for federal regulations."