Congress Must Assert Itself to Stop New U.S. Offensive in Iraq

Green Party Congressional candidate Ian Schlakman calls on members of Congress - particularly his general election opponent Representative "Dutch" Ruppersberger - to assert their authority over President Obama's continued aggression in Iraq.

U.S. officials confirmed Friday morning that the United States has deployed armed drones over Baghdad.

"Americans don't want drones flying over our cities and we don't want them bombing Iraq," said Schlakman. "Congress and the President ignore reality when they insist that we can impose our will on foreign countries from the sky."

Schlakman is running for Maryland's 2nd District House seat against Ruppersberger, a ranking member of the House Intelligence Committee. The Schlakman campaign argues that Ruppersberger has been ineffective in his responsibilities to provide oversight on behalf of the American people as the NSA developed a lengthy domestic surveillance program. Continued unilateral U.S. involvement in Iraq will also be ineffective, the campaign states.

"The group known as the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria will not be stopped by drones and will only be enraged by our continued occupation of Iraq. How many of our hundreds of American 'advisers' will have to be killed by ISIS's rockets, roadside bombs, or suicide attacks before we have to send in thousands more ground troops to protect them? Unless we take a stand against it now, the cycle of American intervention and blowback will continue."

"Unfortunately, Congress has proven its unwillingness to stand up for itself and for the American people since the George W. Bush administration."

The Green Party of the United States has called for Congress to repeal the Authorization of Use of Military Force (AUMF) and the "bipartisan 'blank check' for the White House to wage war." 

The Maryland Green Party has nominated Ian Schlakman as its candidate for the 2nd District. Schlakman will accept the nomination and formally announce his campaign on Monday, June 30th.