Congress Must Act on the People's Mandate on Climate Change

Ian Schlakman - Green Party candidate for U.S. House of Representatives for Maryland's 2nd District - calls on Congress to take action on climate change following this past weekend's People's Climate March in New York City.

"The people - approximately 400,000 marchers according to the organizers' estimate - have established a mandate for action on climate change," Schlakman notes. Americans want Congress to pass meaningful limits on carbon emissions and make new investment in the renewable technologies we need to power the 21st century."

"Congress must act now - not after the 2016 election, not after this November's election. A challenge the size of global climate change requires immediate action."

If elected, Ian Schlakman will introduce legislation to:

-End federal subsidies for oil, natural gas, and other fossil fuel extraction.

-Ban exploration for new offshore oil reserves.

-Ban hydraulic fracturing ("fracking") in search of natural gas.

-Establish significant new federal subsidies for solar, wind and other established renewable energy technologies.

-Initiate a national project to build a state-of-the-art energy grid capable of utilizing solar and wind energy for baseline power needs.

-Establish a tax-and-dividend system to require corporate polluters to pay for every milligram of carbon they release into to the atmosphere.

-Ban corporate personhood, giving human persons and communities more leverage over corporations in pollution-related lawsuits.

"I am inspired - as I hope everyone who attended the People's Climate March has been inspired - to fight ecological exploitation and environmental racism every day and to work for climate justice. Congress needs to feel the same urgency. I will introduce meaningful climate legislation if elected to Congress. They need to do it today."