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A real victory. Giving voters a choice! Thank you!


This campaign was full of powerful moments for me, but Tuesday night’s were exceptionally touching. Thank you so much to every one of you who have supported this campaign. It means the world to me that I had such exceptional, diehard supporters that devoted time, money and words of encouragement throughout the campaign.

We have so many things to be proud of. We were the first Green Campaign in MD to have an office. The First Green candidate to have a positive write-up in City Paper. First Green campaign in MD with paid staff. I could go on and on about our accomplishments.

Everyone who reported on us found the campaign to be clear and professional.

Perhaps what I'm most proud of is how we got our 5,000 votes. We ran a first class, high tech operation that rivaled any democrat or republican operation. Most importantly, we brought 5,000 voters out to the polls who otherwise would of stayed home.

How do I know this? Because voters told us. That was our strategy from day one. I don't believe in the stereotype that Greens steal votes from Democrats. So to prove it we focused on getting the word out to people who weren't Democrats or Republicans.

So many people in Maryland are not interested in either the Democrats or the Republican parties. They're registered Greens, Libertarians, other parties or unaffiliated, and there are almost 12,000 of them in MD Congressional District 2. We proudly connected with every one of those people in the district. We told them that I, Ian, would be their independent voice in Congress.

And it worked! We had a first class operation so we knew exactly who committed to vote for us and who we still had to contact. And let me tell you, only 1,000 of my voters were registered Green Party voters. The rest were independents or other parties. That's 1,000 Greens and 4,000 non-democrats and non-republicans who had a compelling reason to go to the polls.

This is what democracy should be. It should be about choice!

With the close of the election, I'm turning my attention to Baltimore City. As my campaign learned, the average citizen of Baltimore doesn't know the Green Party exists. So when they're frustrated with their limited options on Election Day, they stay home. I intend to do something about this and I hope you'll join me.

Please dig deep, one more time, to support our efforts as we close out the campaign and look towards a bright, Green future where everyone in Baltimore, Maryland and nationwide know that there is a Green Party and it’s a vote they can be proud to make on Election Day!

Yours truly,

Ian Schlakman

Join Us for Ian's Election Night Party!

Ian Schlakman and his team have been working hard for months and Election Day is here! On Tuesday night, join Ian and his supporters at the official Election Night party. 

The party starts when the polls close at 8pm. Join Ian at Liam Flynn's Ale House, 22 West North Avenue in Station North, Baltimore. Snacks will be provided. Help support Liam's by ordering a drink at the bar. Ian and the team will be watching election results and celebrating a hard-fought campaign for District 2. Even if you haven't had a chance to work for the campaign yet, come on out Tuesday night and learn how to get involved in future Green Party campaigns. 

See you Tuesday night! 

Ian's Election Guide

Russel Neverdon - Write In - Baltimore City State's Attorney
Mr. Neverdon's plans to strength ties between the community and the State's Attorneys office are exactly what Baltimore city needs.

Anjali Phukan - Write In - Maryland Comptroller
Ms Phukan's ideas are very innovative and come as a breath of fresh air. Please check out her platform and join me in supporting her.

Leo Wayne Dymowski - Libertarian - Maryland Attorney General
Mr. Dymowski pledges to do all he can to stop pursuing the failed "War on Drugs". That's why he gets our endorsement.

As We Approach Election Day, Ian Makes Headlines

Election Day is just a few days away, and Ian Schlakman and his team are working hard to win votes and reach every voter in District 2. Some great media coverage in the last week is helping Ian spread the word. Check out these stories:

The Baltimore CityPaper ran a major profile of Ian and how his campaign is helping the Green Party win viability in local elections. "One gets the sense that Schlakman has run a professional campaign that Maryland Greens can be pleased with," the article said. "He earned the endorsement of Jill Stein. He debated [incumbent COngressman Dutch] Ruppersberger, and unlike his Republican and Democratic opponents, managed to sound articulate on matters such as climate change and demilitarization..."

Baltimore OUTLoud - an independent news source for the LGBTQ community of Maryland, Delaware, and southern Pennsylvania - covered Ian's campaign and his policy stances on issues important to the LGBTQ community, such as the Defense of Marriage Act, the Employee Non-Discrimination Act, and health care provisions for transgender people. OUTLoud also explained the 'Rainbow Wall' recently completed in Ian's campaign office - "We had just moved into our campaign office", Ian said. "We wanted to do something that would show our support for the brightness that diversity brings to all movements and campaigns."

 photo courtesy of Marie Machin, Baltimore CityPaper

Basic Income News - the national newsletter of a coalition of organizations supporting a Basic Income Guarantee - covered Ian's support for "Social Security for All". "Messaging a complex idea like [a universal basic income] definitely posed some challenges...we use “Social Security for All” in our messaging. Frankly, it’s the easiest way to explain a UBI to everyday people. An excellent side-effect of this is that in a day and age when Social Security is being attacked, it makes a clear distinction that I would fight to expand Social Security to everyone."

We need to let everyone in District 2 know about this great media coverage! Ian and his team will be working at his campaign office in downtown Baltimore all day Monday and Tuesday to call District 2 voters and remind them to get out the polls. Click here to help the team get out the vote! 

Jill Stein Endorses Ian


I've been endorsed by the US Green Party 2012 Presidential nominee Dr. Jill Stein! 

Click here to see Jill's message

I've had the opportunity to talk and work with the Jill several times this year - first at the Real News Network in Baltimore earlier this year, then at Green Party's national meeting in Saint Paul, MN in July. And of course at the historic Global Climate Convergence right before the Climate March in New York City last month.

At the Climate Convergence, I had a chance to talk with Dr. Stein. Jill told me that our campaign looked great! She commented on our campaign's professionalism and said she would be happy to endorse my campaign! It was a tremendous honor.

Click here to see Jill's message

I'm so proud to receive the endorsement of such a well-respected candidate and advocate. Jill's 2012 campaign for President was one of the key events that inspired me to run this year. 

Please donate to our efforts today by clicking HERE!

Jill Stein's Endorsement

From the Desk of Dr. Jill Stein

Green Party Presidential Nominee 2012

To the Ian Schlakman for Congress Team, Supporters and Voters:

   A movement for democracy and justice is sweeping the planet, rising up to halt the neoliberal assault on our economy, ecology, peace and democracy. Green Party candidates like Ian Schlakman are the political voice of these growing social movements. Ian brings the energy and vision of the next generation back into the political process to make it truly "of the people". I hope you will join me in supporting his promising campaign.

   When I ran for President in 2012, I promoted a comprehensive set of reforms designed to end predatory politics as usual and create a world that works for all of us. Since then the need for deep change has grown to historic proportions, as plutocracy pushes us ever deeper into economic disparity and decline, climate melt down, war profiteering, corporate trade, land grabs, and privatization of food, water, health care and education. 

   Knowing that one elected official alone - not even the President - can single-handedly change policy,  the highest priority of my Presidential race was to help empower the next generation of political activists of, by, and for the people. I am very excited that Ian Schlakman has stepped up and joined the struggle to democratize Congress for the 99%.

   There has never been a better time to transform the status quo. Our future depends on building strong campaigns to get true public servants like Ian into elected office to rescue democracy, our economy, our lives and planet that are all hanging in the balance. Please join me in supporting Ian by volunteering ( your time and by contributing ( as much as you're able.
Yours truly,
Jill Stein

Ian Schlakman Says: Cut Off the Flow of Military Aid to Israel

Ian Schlakman - Green Party nominee for U.S. House of Representatives for Maryland's 2nd District - is calling for an immediate re-evaluation of U.S. military aid to Israel by Congressional leaders. If elected, Schlakman would sponsor legislation to significantly decrease U.S. military aid to Israel. 

Congress overwhelmingly supports the approximately $3 billion of Foreign Military Funding given annually by the United States. Since 2008, U.S. economic aid to Israel has been slashed in favor of military funding, weapons sales, and defense training.

Schlakman and his supporters have participated in national and local demonstrations calling for Israel to take the lead on ending continuing violence.

"Hamas acting like a terrorist organization doesn't give Israel the right to respond like a terrorist organization." said Schlakman. "Both Israel and Palestinian authorities should agree to an immediate cease-fire and appeal to the United Nations and other multilateral international security groups for a permanent solution to the crisis in the region. In Congress, I will speak out for the United States to take the lead on demilitarizing the conflict. Israel is working with the tools the U.S. is giving it. We need to cut off the flow of military aid."

"The U.S. needs to makes it clear that we will no longer write Israel a blank check for its military operations. Congress should be debating whether or not to once again support the Economic Support Funds - development and economic aid - granted by the United States until 2008. We need to clearly signal to the Israeli government that the United States is no longer willing to fund defense and weapons development."

Schlakman Calls For 'Internet Freedom For All'

Ian Schlakman - Green Party candidate for U.S. House in Maryland's 2nd District - calls for 'Internet Freedom for All'.

Schlakman is challenging incumbent Rep. "Dutch" Ruppersberger with a platform of 'Social Security for All', 'Medicare for All', and 'Internet Freedom for All'. Schlakman places blame on Ruppersberger for spying and surveillance done by the National Security Agency while Ruppersberger was the ranking member of the House Intelligence Committee.

"For years, the NSA's behavior has been unconstitutional. I will work to establish a commission of intelligence experts, transparency activists, and NSA employees to expose and eliminate these violations through appropriate reforms. Intelligence directors who have lied to Congress - including Director of National Intelligence James Clapper - must be immediately removed."

"Many talented individuals work at the NSA headquarters, which is in District 2. I am not out to punish them for the policy abuses committed by their bosses. We need these employees hard at work hardening and securing our internet infrastructure - not spying on Americans."

Schlakman calls for additional Congressional action to ensure 'Internet Freedom for All'.

"I strongly support net neutrality," said Schlakman. "Congress should pass laws to declare the internet a common carrier. The web is our new town square, our new meeting house, our new commons. We need to make sure that all Americans can equally access the power of the internet."

Schlakman will also work to bridge the digital divide by reforming the FCC's E-Rate Program, designed to assist schools with broadband, internet and phone services.

"As a professional Internet technician with experience maintaining networks in Baltimore schools, I know how difficult it can be to provide every child with access to all the internet has to offer. In Congress, I will sponsor legislation to let students bring access through the federal E-Rate Program home with them. This will allow students to take internet-connected devices home with then to open the potential of the Internet to communities where it isn't available today."

Ian Schlakman advocates a comprehensive program of entitlements including 'Social Security for All' - also known as a basic income guarantee - and 'Medicare for All', a universal, single-payer health care system intended to extend coverage to those unable to purchase private insurance under the mandates of the Affordable Care Act.  


Congress Must Act on the People's Mandate on Climate Change

Ian Schlakman - Green Party candidate for U.S. House of Representatives for Maryland's 2nd District - calls on Congress to take action on climate change following this past weekend's People's Climate March in New York City.

"The people - approximately 400,000 marchers according to the organizers' estimate - have established a mandate for action on climate change," Schlakman notes. Americans want Congress to pass meaningful limits on carbon emissions and make new investment in the renewable technologies we need to power the 21st century."

"Congress must act now - not after the 2016 election, not after this November's election. A challenge the size of global climate change requires immediate action."

If elected, Ian Schlakman will introduce legislation to:

-End federal subsidies for oil, natural gas, and other fossil fuel extraction.

-Ban exploration for new offshore oil reserves.

-Ban hydraulic fracturing ("fracking") in search of natural gas.

-Establish significant new federal subsidies for solar, wind and other established renewable energy technologies.

-Initiate a national project to build a state-of-the-art energy grid capable of utilizing solar and wind energy for baseline power needs.

-Establish a tax-and-dividend system to require corporate polluters to pay for every milligram of carbon they release into to the atmosphere.

-Ban corporate personhood, giving human persons and communities more leverage over corporations in pollution-related lawsuits.

"I am inspired - as I hope everyone who attended the People's Climate March has been inspired - to fight ecological exploitation and environmental racism every day and to work for climate justice. Congress needs to feel the same urgency. I will introduce meaningful climate legislation if elected to Congress. They need to do it today."