As We Approach Election Day, Ian Makes Headlines

Election Day is just a few days away, and Ian Schlakman and his team are working hard to win votes and reach every voter in District 2. Some great media coverage in the last week is helping Ian spread the word. Check out these stories:

The Baltimore CityPaper ran a major profile of Ian and how his campaign is helping the Green Party win viability in local elections. "One gets the sense that Schlakman has run a professional campaign that Maryland Greens can be pleased with," the article said. "He earned the endorsement of Jill Stein. He debated [incumbent COngressman Dutch] Ruppersberger, and unlike his Republican and Democratic opponents, managed to sound articulate on matters such as climate change and demilitarization..."

Baltimore OUTLoud - an independent news source for the LGBTQ community of Maryland, Delaware, and southern Pennsylvania - covered Ian's campaign and his policy stances on issues important to the LGBTQ community, such as the Defense of Marriage Act, the Employee Non-Discrimination Act, and health care provisions for transgender people. OUTLoud also explained the 'Rainbow Wall' recently completed in Ian's campaign office - "We had just moved into our campaign office", Ian said. "We wanted to do something that would show our support for the brightness that diversity brings to all movements and campaigns."

 photo courtesy of Marie Machin, Baltimore CityPaper

Basic Income News - the national newsletter of a coalition of organizations supporting a Basic Income Guarantee - covered Ian's support for "Social Security for All". "Messaging a complex idea like [a universal basic income] definitely posed some challenges...we use “Social Security for All” in our messaging. Frankly, it’s the easiest way to explain a UBI to everyday people. An excellent side-effect of this is that in a day and age when Social Security is being attacked, it makes a clear distinction that I would fight to expand Social Security to everyone."

We need to let everyone in District 2 know about this great media coverage! Ian and his team will be working at his campaign office in downtown Baltimore all day Monday and Tuesday to call District 2 voters and remind them to get out the polls. Click here to help the team get out the vote! 

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