Ian Schlakman

 - An accomplished professional doing pioneering work in social, economic & technological systems. -

"With a unique background in guiding people and organizations on complicated technology issues and a passion for innovating and reinventing our economy, Ian is the right choice for our city’s future.”


Ian is a technology and cyber security entrepreneur who’s started many small businesses. He’s personally fixed computers for families, made websites for nonprofits and local grocery stores and consulted on complex licensing, privacy, and regulation issues that schools and large health care professionals need to deal with.

Ian is a local business enthusiast and has worked with many new economy groups, locally, nationally and internationally. Ian’s worked on many sustainability and environmental justice issues. Ian has worked as an advocate for individuals and families with his social justice work.

Ian is most proud of his work with economic justice groups that really think outside the box. Particularly, his work in bringing people new economy systems right now, such as alternative, local and virtual currencies and peer to peer economic organizations. These help create whole new systems of how people can trade with others even when they don’t have any money.

With a unique background in guiding people and organizations on complicated technology issues, and a passion for innovating and reinventing our local economy, Ian is the right choice for our district's future.


From a young age Ian was excited and passionate about fixing our world through science, technology and people coming together with new innovative ideas that spread across the globe.

Ian grew up in Saint James a suburb in Long Island, NY. While in high school Ian was active in many college level science pursuits as well as taking many advanced placement classes. Ian graduated high school with a Regents Honors Diploma and as an Advanced Placement Scholar. Because of his college level achievements and college courses taken prior, Ian started Stony Brook University with many credits towards his degree. Ian ultimately left the Political Science program when he realized it would not help him truly change the world. Without any financial assistance, instead of continuing a costly academic career, Ian started a computer repair business that served families all over Long Island.

While in school, Ian was a strong leader with the Boy Scouts of America and achieved the prestigious rank of Eagle Scout. Ian credits this experience with teaching him self-reliance, problem-solving and leading and helping others.

When Ian and his wife, author and small business owner Vanessa Holub, moved to Baltimore Ian immediately became very involved in many different social and economic justice projects throughout Maryland. Ian worked closely with the Baltimore BNote and helped start LETSBmore a local TimeBank. Ian believes that the world is changing and the economy must change along with it. Ian wants to share the message that the new economy is just beginning and he would like to help guide us through this new era.

Ian is the founder of Civilization Systems, a worker owned cooperative that provides technology solutions to schools. Ian is a technology and cyber security professional. He has served actively on the boards of several nonprofits including BLEWS (Black / Jewish Forum of Baltimore), CSBA (aka Baltimore's Buy Local Campaign) and BGCA (Baltimore Green Currency Association). Ian is currently working with a Maryland Community Wealth Building group. Ian is also an Associated Black Charities Maryland Board Pipeline Professional.

Ian is a seasoned and accomplished Information Technology and Security professional. He holds many certifications in the technology field from corporations, engineering bodies and third parties. These range from how to fix a simple laptop to how to set up a world-wide company’s network and protect its users data. Ian also holds a certification that the NSA and the DoD consider a very high level cyber security certification. However, instead of using this certification to work for a large corporation or spying agency, Ian helps small businesses and local organizations with his credentials. Ian’s also worked with complex government and corporate imposed cyber security regulations such as HIPAA, the FCC’s ERate program, SOX, PCI DSS, etc… and knows through hands on experience what works and what doesn’t when it comes to government oversight.