A real victory. Giving voters a choice! Thank you!


This campaign was full of powerful moments for me, but Tuesday night’s were exceptionally touching. Thank you so much to every one of you who have supported this campaign. It means the world to me that I had such exceptional, diehard supporters that devoted time, money and words of encouragement throughout the campaign.

We have so many things to be proud of. We were the first Green Campaign in MD to have an office. The First Green candidate to have a positive write-up in City Paper. First Green campaign in MD with paid staff. I could go on and on about our accomplishments.

Everyone who reported on us found the campaign to be clear and professional.

Perhaps what I'm most proud of is how we got our 5,000 votes. We ran a first class, high tech operation that rivaled any democrat or republican operation. Most importantly, we brought 5,000 voters out to the polls who otherwise would of stayed home.

How do I know this? Because voters told us. That was our strategy from day one. I don't believe in the stereotype that Greens steal votes from Democrats. So to prove it we focused on getting the word out to people who weren't Democrats or Republicans.

So many people in Maryland are not interested in either the Democrats or the Republican parties. They're registered Greens, Libertarians, other parties or unaffiliated, and there are almost 12,000 of them in MD Congressional District 2. We proudly connected with every one of those people in the district. We told them that I, Ian, would be their independent voice in Congress.

And it worked! We had a first class operation so we knew exactly who committed to vote for us and who we still had to contact. And let me tell you, only 1,000 of my voters were registered Green Party voters. The rest were independents or other parties. That's 1,000 Greens and 4,000 non-democrats and non-republicans who had a compelling reason to go to the polls.

This is what democracy should be. It should be about choice!

With the close of the election, I'm turning my attention to Baltimore City. As my campaign learned, the average citizen of Baltimore doesn't know the Green Party exists. So when they're frustrated with their limited options on Election Day, they stay home. I intend to do something about this and I hope you'll join me.

Please dig deep, one more time, to support our efforts as we close out the campaign and look towards a bright, Green future where everyone in Baltimore, Maryland and nationwide know that there is a Green Party and it’s a vote they can be proud to make on Election Day!


Yours truly,

Ian Schlakman

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